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Principal's Page

Leading adolescents through the process of becoming competent, responsible and respectful contributors to our community is our focus at Greenacres Middle School. As we carry out the goals of the Central Valley Strategic Plan, it is excellence for which we strive.

We promote excellence through learning and teaching. Our goal is for Greenacres students to meet or exceed local, state, and national academic standards. All GMS teaching staff are focused on engaging students in the learning process. The learning process begins with teachers providing learning targets for the day emphasizing student ownership of their learning. Teaching staff model their thinking for students then slowly release that responsibility over to the learners. Through guided practice, group learning opportunities, independent practice, ongoing formative and summative assessments, and supportive technology, students are engaged in their learning. Staff development in the area of instruction has been provided using Classroom Instruction that Works along with ongoing staff development with a focus of building a school wide culture of learning and citizenship. Collaboration is another way that GMS is improving learning. This weekly hour is a key for giving teachers an opportunity to meet with their colleagues in order to discuss teaching strategies, assessment practices, improve lesson design, and enhance individual student learning.

We promote excellence through involvement with our parents and community. Conferences provide an opportunity for students, parents, and teachers to jointly discuss academic goals and focus on students as learners as related by the Portrait of a Central Valley Student. Our PTA is a place for parents to provide ideas and feedback for school improvement. The PTA has also strengthened GMS through financial support in all areas of student growth. Instructional programs, athletics, intramurals, and extended day programs have all been enhanced by the generosity of our PTA. The community focus on Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) is another focus for GMS. We recognize students through our Student of the Month Program based on the character traits of PACE.

We promote excellence through our extra- and co-curricular activities. We believe in the value of teamwork and involvement in school activities. We offer extended day program such as Science Olympiad and Math is Cool as well as athletics and intramurals to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a total school program.

We are thankful for the students, staff, and parents who give meaning to our mission of excellence in education.

Vern DiGiovanni, Principal