Unfortunately we are unable to offer choir at this time.  Hopefully we will be able to bring it back soon! Please contact our principal or secretaries if you have any questions or concerns.

6th Grade Choir

Open to ALL 6th grade students no matter their experience or skill level!  If your student loves to sing, this is the place for them! We learn how to sing and perform in class.  Evening concert participation is required each quarter and will be a portion of students’ final grade.  Payment of the ASB fee is required.


7th and 8th Grade Choir

Open to ALL students who enjoy singing and are interested in learning how to sing or read music.  Prior choir experience is encouraged, but not required. Our focus will be on expanding from 2-part to 3-part music, as well as developing young men’s voices.  Students will participate in a competition with other area schools and 2nd semester we add drama skills with a performance of a musical/musical theater songs at end the year.  Advanced piano students may sign up (with instructor approval) to accompany the choir.  Evening performance participation is required each quarter and will be a portion of students’ final grade. Payment of the ASB fee is required.

Melanie Croskrey


These are some useful websites for learning/practicing music theory concepts we are learning in class. Use these to help you study for a test/retest or to practice concepts you are struggling with. - Online exercises to strengthen music reading skills.

Learn Music Theory - YouTube video.  At the end of this video there is a link to the next video in the series. - Lessons, practice and quizzes on music reading skills - Theory lessons and PDFs

Khan Academy - Online videos that explain music concepts

Music Tech Teacher - Lessons and quiz games

Music Notes Blog -  Blog with online music reading lessons

Pedaplus - Online music reading games - Online lessons and quizzes - Online theory worksheets and flashcards for beginners

Ear Training Online - Use your ears and the piano to replicate the melody given. - Pitch matching exercises (requires a microphone and speakers)